! (apricots) wrote in lilflower_icry,

Dearest friends,

Hello! My name is Josie. I have recently gotten a livejournal account, and am just thrilled with its many features, and the SWEET, KIND people I have met. I'm 16 years old, Asian, but I can speak English fluently. I simply ENJOY meeting and talking to new people. My parents used to be somewhat overprotective of me so I never got to know anyone out of my school setting, but now that they loosened up, I began to make friends like crazy- of all ages, ethnicities, and personalities.
I love listening to alternative rock, but I have found myself enjoying songs from many other categories. I joined this community on the intention to engross myself deeper with topics I love, and .... to meet more people! I REALLY REALLY would like to meet all the friendly people out there who may read this, and get to know you better. Go ahead and add me as a friend, and I'll do likewise, because I would like to see various peoples' posts on my user info. Thanks for doing that, because Livejournal is an experience I want to enjoy to the fullest!

Yours truly,


PS. I wonder who else has ever eaten an Apricot pastry. (smacks lips) They taste delicious you will want to open your mouth and dive right into the food. My mother made apricot pastries, and they will be the death of me!
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