Andrew (satansjournal) wrote in lilflower_icry,

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Ok since there's mostly chicks posting in this community. Here's a question:

Would you rather have your boyfriends penis be strawberry flavored or dispense whip cream instead of semen... but the whip cream is NOT fat free!

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sorry. please don't give me the evil eye. haha
who ACTUALLY eats fat free whipped cream anyway? I mean, where's the fun in that? ;)
thats true. But I figured girls stay away from fatening whip cream cause it "makes them gain weight"
So I guess you choose the whip cream?
I definitely think that if you're gonna indulge, you might as well go all out
so, absolutely the whipped cream
why not both? although if i did have to choose i'd choose strawberry.
oh and fat free stuff sucks
let me just say.... this has to be one of the most random questions ive ever encountered..... ok with that aside...

id have to say id prefer the strawberry flavored penis because if there was whipped cream instead then we wouldnt be able to procreate... not that its always a bad thing... heh

fat free whipped cream sucks!!!
hey kelly, you should thank me. i think this is the most comments an entry in this community has gotten in a while. haha.
bravo. i applaud you.