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!!community update!!

hey peeps!! i have a mission for everyone who still got some community-spirit: everyone should try to invite as many people as possible, minimum ten people. i know that may seem impossible, but everyone should at least try. i don't want this community to die on me!!! i wanna create lil banners and page layouts and all that stuff, but i have no idea how, so if anyone is willing to either (a) show me how or (b) help make some, i would be very thankful. well that's it for now!! but lookie here, i've got some pastry fin for everyone!

**clickhere for a neat lil site with pastry songs**

**up for a game of "al quaeda pie"?**

Why did the doughnut maker retire?
He was fed up with the hole business.

now wasn't that just lovely?!
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