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lilflower_icry's Journal

Psycho Pastries Inc.: We're All Special Here
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This is a community for pastries, created by pastries. Basically we're people who love pastries so much that we have come to believe that we actually ARE pastries. In our free time we like to write haikus and tell stories by the fire. If you, or anyone you know, believe in pastries..or if you enjoy randomness at any hour of the night (or in the early morning)..we welcome you to our community.


Little Yellow Flower


1. After joining, post up a short summary of your ideal pastry, and why you believe that Little Yellow Flower is God (just kidding..only about that last part tho).
2. You are expected to know your pastry well, which requires long time periods of absoulute insanity. Furtheremore, you must become one with your pastry; you are the pastry and the pastry is you. This oneness between u and your pastry is essential for the community and you (being the pastry-loving human being that you are).
3. Do not abuse your pastry privileges (whatever those might be) or they will be taken away.
4. Always remember that there are other pastries out there who are always ready to eat a second helping.